I am not a Rat!  Most of us are taught from a young age to "don't be a tattle-tail". So how could we possibly "tell" on someone if we suspect them of having a substance abuse problem? The Code of Silence is real, and as nurses we tend to do all the wrong things for all the right reasons when trying to help someone struggling with addiction. Let me show how to stop worrying about being a rat, and start rescuing instead. 

Yes You Can

Substance Abuse in the Workplace

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How comfortable are you working with a team member who is currently in recovery from a substance abuse disorder? Most people are not that comfortable. In fact 52% of the nurses and healthcare workers answered neutral, uncomfortable, or very uncomfortable.  When asked the same question after experiencing Yes You Can that number plummeted all the way down to 9%. That is how powerful this one hour is. Help remove the stigma, and increase the awareness of how you and your staff can help today. 


Alternative to Discipline programs such as RAMP (NJ), PNAP (PA), and IPN (FL) have helped nurses maintain recovery and live successful lives. 60% of the nurses I have spoken to in NJ admitted they had no knowledge of the Recovery and Monitoring Program (RAMP). How can someone report a nurse if they are unaware of the help that will be provided? Let me show you how these programs have helped save lives, and how you can help.  

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         Ken Rodenbaugh  RN, CARN, CEN

It is estimated one out of ten nurses stuggle with substance abuse. I would like to tell you how important you are in helping your work family. The one with the problem is often the last one to recognize there is a problem- and that is where YOU come in. Don't miss this must see video below which many have called "one of the best presentations I have ever seen".